"Already a bestseller in the sports romance category, and a newcomer that is certainly ‘one to watch’

Luke has a problem. The press keeps painting the baseball player as an irredeemable womanizer, and his management is not amused. What he needs is a straitlaced, boring, and genuinely average girlfriend... and who would be better suited for the job than that cute event planner from Germany, who has the words ‘normal’ and ‘boring’ practically stamped on her forehead?

Emma has no problems at all. That is, until the company she works for transfers her to Philadelphia, where she immediately runs into the only guy she’s ever had a one night stand with. What he forgot to mention is that he is rich and famous. And then he ambushes her with the crackpot idea that she should play his girlfriend, so he can whitewash his bad boy image. There’s no way in hell she would do a thing like that. But the man is really good at persuasion...

What readers say
“Fluffy romance with lots of humor” “the pages simply zip by while you’re reading” “mind candy” “very funny, peppered with ironic punch lines” “just what you want to read on a sunny day off”

About the author
After her success with the chick lit mystery ""Mordsmässig unverblümt"" (Translates as ""Murderously Blunt""), Saskia Louis switched from suspense to romance. ""Perfect Game"" is the first book in her new sports romance series Baseball Love, and also her first book translated to English.
Growing up with two older brothers, Saskia Louis learned early that most of the time, the only way to fight a physically stronger person is with words. Even though a strategically placed fist here and there shouldn’t be underestimated either. Starting in fourth grade, she has been using her stories and books to immerse herself in other worlds, to daydream, and to take a break from the routine of her studies (a major in media management at the University of Cologne)."